Is your lawn being overgrown by pesky weeds? Perhaps they’ve managed to infiltrate the lovely vegetable and herb garden you built this spring, or you’re permeating and taking over your flower boxes? Whatever the case, Turf Fox is here to get your yard back under control. 

Alongside our excellent lawn services, we also provide weed control for yards we’ve landscaped and those that are simply in need. We know just how aggressive Florida weeds can be. With that special sunlight and the large amount of rain and precipitation, it’s hard to fight back against the natural leanings of your soil and the seeds that permeate it. However, Turf Fox has a selection of tools and strategies that are designed to target weed growth and get your yard back under control. 

Our weed control programs can be as simple as pulling and targeting large portions of weedy areas in your yard or as complex as soil tests, and hardscaping certain portions of your landscape to keep those same weeds from having a hospitable environment to grow in. We can address weeds within your lawn and complete soil tests and aeration services to help the  root system on your lawn grow thicker and keep invading weeds out. We can even explore solutions for how to keep weeds at bay within flower boxes and other outdoor decor items. 

Reach out to Turf Fox to schedule your initial consultation with our experts today. We’re eager to help you take back your yard and start making something of your outdoor space. We believe everyone in Sarasota should have their own little piece of Florida wilderness within reach. Start forming yours. Contact us today for more information.