Shrubs and ornaments need to be cared for just as much as your lawn. They give your landscape its unique look and can turn into quite an ugly thing if they don’t match the lush green shade of your grass.

Your landscape lawn and ornamental shrubs can be some of the most valuable items in your yard and landscape. With our shrub and ornamental care services, you can safeguard your investment from fungus, insects and diseases from the harsh environment of Sarasota.


The simplest way to determine if a shrub and ornaments is covered in our services is the location of it. Our services was designed for those shrubs and ornaments located in your yard and flower beds. We got you covered if your plant is under twelve feet tall.



Your landscape needs care to ensure its continued life and accomplishment. There are cultural methods to prevent measures that you can take to cut down pathogen spread and create conditions less encouraging for pest contamination. Cultural practices can include: correct site selection, appropriate planting, elimination of undesirable plants, using distinct species on your landscape, raised beds, mulching and more. These can be used in consolidation or alone as fundamentals for your landscape.

Adjusting guidance to your landscape for seasonal and weather conditions will benefit in plant success. Water and source of nourishment are important components which cannot always be assured naturally and may switch systematically but plants need stability. Putting sprinklers and adjust timer based on climate conditions can not only ensure that your plants get sufficient water but save you money. Furthermore, examining your soil for nutrient grade will allow you to customize modifications for your landscape.


Proper shrub and ornamental care will improve the value and elegance of your landscape. When it comes to taking care of the ornaments and shrubs, Turf Fox has years of experience servicing Sarasota and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for a custom ornamental and shrub care services perfectly suited to your landscape.

To schedule Shrub & Ornamental Care Services, call (941) 304-TURF or send us a message and we’ll get back to you the soonest we can.