Here in Florida, we have the advantage of being surrounded by beautiful foliage you won’t find in any other portion of the country. It’s a beautiful landscape full of rich color and biodiversity, but it’s also chock full of bugs. In fact, they’re often pretty large bugs in comparison to those in other states. And they can wreak havoc on civilization when they want to. However, when they’re at their most annoying, you’re outside. Whether flies are circling your head while you’re trying to sunbathe by the pool, or caterpillars are eating straight through your flower’s leaves, they just shouldn’t be tolerated. 

If you don’t want bugs to destroy your plants and your peace of mind while you’re outside enjoying that beautiful Florida weather, it’s time to consider outdoor pest control. Tur Fox offers exceptional outdoor pest control that’s designed specifically to preserve the health of you, your family, and your plants during the growing season and dormant seasons. Our pest control caters to all major bugs and pests that could terrorize you or your garden.

After all, no one should have to have their enjoyment of the Florida sun ruined by a tenacious species of insect. 

Reach out to us today to learn more about our pest control programs and our landscaping services. We can help you pin-point and address yearly issues, target specific types of pests so as not to upset the harmony of the ecosystem in your backyard and more. Schedule an initial consultation with us today to find out what bugs we can treat and how we can help you fix your yard today. 

Questions about landscaping? Some bugs are attracted to certain plants, and removing the issue might be as simple as investing in a new plant that drives them away, or replacing the current plant. Find out if this simple solution might be an option for you today.