Pests can be such a menace in and around your home. This is especially because they are harmful to plants as well as pets and people. Pests are not only harmful, but also destructive to your property. Getting rid of pests can be a pain in the neck, especially if you are not equipped for the process. Turf Fox proudly offers the very best in Sarasota outdoor pest control services. We are full service outdoor pest control solution to ensure your lawn and your garden is ready to be enjoyed by you and your loved ones. Why choose Turf Fox for your Sarasota outdoor pest control needs?


We target pests such as the annoying ants that will follow the scent of your food, creepy spiders, ticks, fleas, and chiggers to name a few. As pesticides used in pest control can be toxic, you want to use a company of professionals that will pay attention to all the potential risks involved and keep you safe from exposure.


Your safety is our top concern when it comes to Sarasota outdoor pest control. That’s why we use products that are the absolute most effective on your lawn pests, yet the least harmful to you, your family, and your pets. We are licensed to carry out pest control and have the technical knowhow to ensure your home is pest free and safe for your household.



We offer regular pest control services and as-needed services for when you have an unexpected pest problem that may be caused by a neighbourhood infestation for instance. Our pest control services are fair priced to guarantee you get value for your money. We also offer the services of licensed pest control practitioners to ensure no mistakes are made in the process as they understand the potential harm that can come to your home should they make any mistakes. Your safety is our top concern with pest control.

Customer service and satisfaction is also priority on our main agenda for offering this service and so you can be assured that working with us will leave you happy with the services. In case you are not satisfied with the work done, we will come in and do it again at no cost and with no questions asked. With the diligence of our team however this may not be necessary as we take pride in offering quality. Professionalism is also at the core of our operations and our staff will not show any less than is expected of them.

In addition as we offer insurance to our employees and in case any harm comes to them while on duty on your property, you will not be liable. Working with us will ensure your summers and springs are hassle free as pests will be a thing of the past. You will also enjoy having a pest free service delivered in the safest way possible and at a pocket friendly price so go on and reach out to us.