You’re looking for Sarasota commercial weed control services, right? Your weeds have grown into something that makes your property look like no one has lived there in years. It may also be that you’re just tired of doing the maintenance yourself and ready for someone else to do it. You owe it to yourself, you do enough already. Weed control is something that’s not fun to tackle whether they have grown out of control or you’re trying to weed whacking in 100 degree heat. Something about it just spells hard work.


And that’s not all.

Having the tools to accomplish these tasks can cost a lot of money and are always a hot prospect for thieves. That’s why Turf Fox Weed Control services is all you need to keep your weeds cut down and your lawn looking amazing. Forget all the guesswork and hassles, Turf Fox will come in and do the job professionally leaving no weed safe.

That’s what we do and we do it well with years of experience in weed control behind us!



We understand you have many different options for your lawn needs.

We know there are plenty of other lawn service companies to choose from and we get it. But we want you to know that we are a company that prides itself on our work and we want to gain and keep you as a customer. And the only way we can accomplish that is by offering you the best service we can possibly deliver.

Don’t take our word though. Our work speaks for itself and our weed control services are just one of the options we have for our customers.

Turf Fox specializes in a variety of customer options besides just quality weed control. Whether it’s pest control or our monthly lawn care services, we have you covered. Looking for quality lawn services at affordable prices or sprinkler repair? Let Turf Fox take care of it right the first time.

We also offer commercial services for lawn maintenance and weed control as well . Our weed control service is just one of the many products we have provided for many years.


As a company that’s been in the business of lawn maintenance and control of pesky weeds, we know the industry. But we also know that to keep you as a customer we have to maintain top industry standards.

That’s why we keep our tools well maintained and our schedules open so when you need us we are there for you. We want to keep you and your lawn happy for years to come.

We hope you’ll consider us and please feel free to contact us for any further information regarding your lawn maintenance service needs if you are in the Sarasota area. We will be happy to give you a quote that we think can’t be beat.

We appreciate you for checking us out and hope that you will take advantage of the services we offer. Contact us for all of your Sarasota weed control services today!