Landscaping in Florida, we’d argue, is more fun than in other climates. Here, you have a huge selection of different kinds of exotic and tropical plants, as well as regular plants that will thrive and grow here. You can choose from tropical palms, to the average oak tree to compliment your yard and feel secure knowing that both will thrive. This versatility opens up incredible options for your landscaping architecture and truly makes the sky the limit on what you can achieve for decorating your outdoor space. 

Personalized Landscape Architecture

Here at Turf Fox, we thrill at the idea of helping you create an outdoor space that you can be proud of and enjoy. That’s why our landscape design and installation service features a one-on-one consultation so that we can help you determine what’s possible for your budget, your yard, and your tastes. We’ll explore your tastes, discover what kinds of foliage you prefer, test your soil and discuss how much grass you want leftover by the end of the project and more. 

Once we’ve pinned down your ideas and explored what your budget can afford, we can draw up a landscape plan that features hardscaping, like mulch and rock, patios, lawn care maintenance, and the kinds of shrubs and other plants you want to invest in. Afterward, we’ll discuss an implementation plan and flesh out a timeline for the tasks to be completed. By the end, you’ll have added a totally new living space to your home. 

Ready to get started on making your yard over? Reach out to Turf Fox today to schedule an initial consultation and start exploring how to design your yard to make your outdoor space an unforgettable place to entertain and spend time with your loved ones.