Administering your lawn with fungicides can easily help avoid many common grass contamination. Fungus and disease control is a proactive way to help keeping up the health and elegance of your turf. Proper treatment and care of your lawn and developing an intricate healthy lawn root system can go a long way in disease prohibition as well. Avoid common missteps that invite lawn fungus – drought, compacted soil, faulty mowing and over-watering. We will provide your lawn with the proper care and treatment for problems that may threaten up.



Recognizing your lawn and the ability to analyze when something is not quite right is a key aspect in disease prevention. Call Turf Fox when diseases such as large patch, pink snow mold or anything unusual appear on your precious lawn. Our experts can spot fungus and disease quickly and treat your lawn even if it is already devastated.

We apply a fungicide program When unhealthy organisms exist and dormant in your lawn, when conditions help disease development and targeting common diseases and other fungus. It is important to know, curing a diseased lawn does not “heal” damage already sustained area. Previously infected surroundings will clear up as the turf starts to grow and the fungus is stopped.



Every lawn in the Sarasota area is vulnerable to disease. At Turf Fox, we are lawn fungus and disease experts. We have a experts on staff with a degree in horticulture who has attained and has the experience to analyze, cure and stop lawn diseases.

We can integrate custom products and cultural methods that will keep fungus and other diseases away.

How to identify if it is a disease and what are the actions to take? Call the lawn fungus and disease specialists at Turf Fox. We will tell you what’s going on with your lawn. If your lawn does have a fungus, we can prevent and stop the dissemination using rescue treatments for the rest of the year and look forward to prevention in the next seasons. Give us a call and let us determine, treat and stop your lawn fungus and diseases to get your lawn back to active and elegant again!

To schedule Fungus & Disease Control Services, call (941) 304-TURF or fill out the form to the right and we’ll call you to set the appointment.