Why do you need fertilization services in sarasota FL? Summer is rapidly coming our way. Think about the backyard barbecues, bonfires and outdoor dinner parties that are already filling our agendas. On the other hand, as we move closer to warmer weather, we must remember that we’re moving away from the harsh and shocking conditions conditions that come with a Sarasota FL winter. So what better way to start celebrating summer than investing on a service that will make your green grass make your neighbors green with envy?



Turf Fox is Sarasota’s #1 provider of fertilization services, lawn care services, and more! If you want the best lawn care and fertilization services in Sarasota, you want Turf Fox. Our team is highly qualified and trained in landscape management. We also guarantee complete satisfaction from each and every one of our clients. Check out our lawn care and fertilization service reviews to see for yourself!

Turf Fox’s Sarasota fertilization service also includes dethatching and lawn aeration to ensure your lawn receives the benefits of the fertilization process. The combination of these techniques promotes healthy and even lawn growth throughout the year. There is no other lawn care service that will make a more significant and noticeable change on the quality of your grass than proper a fertilization system.


Proper fertilization services in Sarasota is a crucial step to take for the beautifying of your grass. Trusting your fertilization services in Sarasota to Turf Fox’s experts means proper results. Your lawn would receive the right nutrients and personalized treatment according to the lawn’s species and conditions of the soil. As a result, you should expect the growth of a green, rich and healthy lawn that will grab the attention of anyone that stumbles upon it. It is widely known that the physical activity and knowledge required to execute these types of services may be demanding and tedious; so contacting Turf Fox may just be the right choice to make. This way, there is no need for you to worry or stress about doing the process correctly.


Our lawn fertilization services in Sarasota are top-notch. However, we also offer other services to help keep your turf green and beautiful. Turf Fox offers a wide variety of services that extend to pest control, sprinkler repair, landscape maintenance and more. We are so confident in the quality of our work that we have a 100% money-back guarantee. Each lawn receives a twenty-point checklist before our team leaves your property. This ensures proper standards every time we work on your property. Talk about consistency and quality!

Apart for our determination to show you unparalleled results in the quality of your lawn, we’re also committed to unbeatable customer service. We are more than happy to answer any questions or queries you might have completely free of charge. Turf Fox is a locally owned and operated company. This ensures a detailed specialty and expertise on the Sarasota area’s topography, soil and biology; knowledge only to be reflected in your own backyard.