A raised bed built with travertine pavers that holds a series of healthy rose bushes.

Ornamental shrubs can instantly help beautify your yard. According to The Spruce, you should aim to have at least one bush in your yard. However, you shouldn’t just plant any shrub on your lawn, it should make you excited and giddy regardless of the season. The same article also notes that an ideal shrub should satisfy just these two criteria:

  • It should offer interest in different types of seasons.
  • It should have that one feature that’s really breathtaking enough that it can easily get away with being a one-trick pony.

Before you pick any type of ornamental shrub, make sure to check your area’s Plant Hardiness Zone. The United States Department of Agriculture came up with the Plant Hardiness Zone as a standard that will help gardeners and plant growers determine the type of plant that will most likely flourish in their area. It’s easy to check, you just need to input your zip code into the official website. Sarasota usually falls under Zone 9, which is between 25 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Not yet convinced if you should get an ornamental shrub for your yard? Here are a few ideas where you can use small ornamental shrubs around your area:

  • As front-of-the-border planting in a garden bed.
  • Can serve as a lining for your walk or drive.
  • Placed along the front part of a low porch.
  • Can serve as a “friendly fence” or a short hedge along your property line.
  • They can be placed at the entry to beautify your entryway.
  • Under low windows.
  • They can preserve the view if you place them along the edge of a patio, pool cage or lanai.
  • If you group together small ornamental shrubs, you may put them in a mass planting in an island bed.
  • Can also serve as foundation plants.
  • Small ornamental shrubs can also prettify your mailbox post, just put them beside it.

The list above just covers small ornamental shrubs. There are quite a lot of shrub types that you may choose depending on what you need in your yard.


Sarasota has quite a few garden spots, so it’s no doubt that different types of plants, including ornamental shrubs, can thrive in the area. Consider the following for your yard:


While this shrub is known by many common names, it’s easily distinguishable because of its stem that’s swollen like a big belly. This plant is known to attract different species of butterflies so if you want beautiful butterflies flying around your yard then consider adding this shrub to the landscape.


This is a flowering shrub that’s a perfect addition to your yard. Don’t be fooled by its name because this shrub is not really a rose but it’s a member of the mallow family which is related to other hibiscus plants. There are a variety of colors for Rose of Sharon including lavender, white, red and light blue. This type of shrub grows up to tall upright bushes. They can range from eight to ten feet in height and can be as wide as four to six feet.

Are you aware that the Rose of Sharon is South Korea’s national flower? If an entire country finds this plant beautiful, then it will definitely look good in your yard.


If you’ve always wanted to put roses in your garden but do not have the energy that it requires to bloom, consider planting Candy Oh Roses instead. They look beautiful and are easy to take care of, they’re one of the best no-fuss roses out there. It looks gorgeous with its stunning red color and blooms all summer long.


If you want a yard that looks and smells great, then this shrub is perfect for you. It has dark green leaves that are the perfect contrast from its white, sweet-smelling blossoms. Gardenias will surely thrive and grow beautifully in Sarasota.


This hibiscus shrub is perfect to grow in Sarasota because it likes the sun. The bloom of this shrub is definitely stunning with its bi-colored flower with pink petals and a bright red center. Its flower’s color perfectly contrasts with the shrub’s dark leaves, which adds to its overall aesthetic.


Maintaining the beauty of your yard can be quite demanding, which is why employing a professional lawn care company to help you out. If you live in the Sarasota area, then consider Turf Fox. We have trained employees who will provide the best kind of service when it comes to lawn maintenance. Call us at (941) 304-TURF any time of the day or email us at info@turffox.com if you have any questions. You can also get a free quote today by clicking that button above.