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Summer lawn care is a key thing to keep in mind when you live in Sarasota. According to an online lifestyle magazine, summer in Sarasota can be brutal. The days are long and hot while the nights don’t always guarantee relief from the heat. The same article further notes that it’s not really the heat that’s bothersome; it’s the humidity.

Did you know that Florida is one of the most humid states in the country? They even say that the farther you go south, the more humid the summer can get. This is why it’s essential to prepare your lawn for the summer. While spring is the time to see your garden get healthy and green, summer is all about keeping it healthy given the heat and scarcity of rainfall.


Below are some tips for summer lawn care in Sarasota.


On average, lawns need at least one inch of water per week. However, the amount goes up when the temperature is high, and the heat is unbearable. During summer, consider using a rain gauge so you can measure the amount of water from rainfall as well as irrigation.

The timing of your watering is also crucial. It’s best to water early in the day so that there’s less chance of evaporation and fungal growth. Watering your lawn in the morning also prevents it from being damp for an extended period. Watering in the evening should be avoided at all costs because if the grass is left wet overnight, then there’s a higher chance of fungal growth.

When it comes to watering your lawn in the summer, you actually have two choices, i.e., water your lawn regularly or don’t water it at all. If your lawn becomes dormant during the summer, make sure it stays that way until fall. No need to worry because your yard should be able to recover once the weather changes. Do not attempt to let your lawn dry out and become dormant and then “water it back to life.” That is a bad idea.


Part of summer lawn care is skipping the fertilizer. Yes, it’s hard to see your lawn looking untidy, but it’s vital to resist the urge to fertilize during this time. Why? Because applying fertilizer during the blazing heat of the summer can burn your lawn.

It can also create a flush of tender growth that will not be able to withstand the heat of the summer. Actually, it is recommended to stop fertilizing for 30 days before the summer temperatures arrive in Sarasota.

If you ever see your lawn become dormant during summer, do not attempt to fertilize it. It’s best to wait for it to start turning green in the fall.


Summer also means summer activities and part of your summer lawn care is taking care of high traffic areas on your lawn. A brittle and dormant lawn needs extra protection from traffic, consider installing stepping stones so you can cushion the damage to your grass. You may also want to divert traffic to a different part of your house to minimize foot traffic on your dormant lawn.


In the summer, raise your mower blade. The rule of thumb is to not cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade every mowing session. That ensures that your grass is healthy, plus it prevents the clippings from suffocating the remaining grass. If you grow your grass taller during the summer, this gives them more room to deepen their roots, and they become more tolerant to the drought.

One important tip is to make sure that your mower blades are sharp. You have to make sure that when you mow, your mower is cutting your grass and not tearing it or damaging it. It ensures that your grass is not suffering more stress, especially during the hot summer.


When it comes to weeds, you must take them out early or else as they will surely become bothersome on your lawn. During the summer, remove any growing weeds even before they bloom or disperse seed, which can lead to more weeds come next year.

Consider hand pulling the weeds for a more “gentle” solution. Remember that applying any product to your already stressed lawn from the heat can be damaging, so it’s best to skip the herbicide during this season.


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