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How Turf Fox Can Transform the Look of Your Lawn

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At Turf Fox in Sarasota, we know a pristine lawn doesn’t just happen. It takes work to make your lawn into your dream lawn. But in the end, it’s worth it as a well-kept lawn improves your health, improves your neighborhood, and increases the value of your home. Since grass stays green all year round here in Florida, we have compiled a short guide to caring for your lawn in each season to help you bring your lawn to life. For all landscaping inquiries, reach out to us today!


Spring is the peak growing season for grass in Florida. Because of all this growth, spring is a vital time to prep your lawn for the year. Aeration helps grass to grow quickly by breaking up the soil without damaging the roots. In order to grow, your grass needs to be fertilized. We often fertilize in the spring to boost the health of your grass for the summer. If you want to get really fancy, overseeding and raking your yard is a great way to encourage growth. For all our spring services and landscaping options, visit our website.


With summer in Florida comes the rain, and thunderstorm after thunderstorm. It’s important you keep your grass at the right height to improve looks and encourage growth. We often throw down grub control and allow some grass clippings to remain to control pests and fertilize naturally. Always make sure to clean up after your dog if you have one, too. Dog poop can leave indentations and be a detriment to an otherwise great lawn.


While the summer brings enough moisture to naturally water your lawn, when fall comes, it’s time to start watering again. It’s also a great time to aerate. Loosening up that soil before winter comes helps the grass to grow. We also like to fertilize yards in the fall and let up on the mowing. Grass does not grow quite as fast in the fall as it does in the spring. We also like to touch up the surrounding landscape as fall is a great transition time.

Outdoor Pest Control

Ants, beetles, caterpillars, and flies are only a few of the dozens of lawn-harming insects that you can expect to find in Florida. The climate surrounding the everglades and the coast is a bug paradise, so you have to take extra precautions to protect your lawn and gardens from crawling critters. Turf Fox manages and removes pests from your lawn using responsible techniques when we service your property.

Landscape Design & Installation

Taking care of your yard and landscaping is a time-consuming process. Bringing someone on board to help can save you valuable time. Call us today for help taking care of your lawn!

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