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4 Signs Your Lawn Needs A Makeover

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When was the last time you spent a Saturday afternoon mowing lawns? The lawn care industry is booming and it's no wonder, with all of the lawns around town that need some TLC. But what if your lawn needs more than just a trimming? Check out these 4 signs your lawn needs an overhaul!

Front lawn of house with a slope

Your lawn is a different height from one area to another.

If some lawn areas are taller than others, it may be an indication that the lawn needs a mowing or fertilizing. A lawn can also become unbalanced if you let lawn weeds grow too high - their roots compete with grass for nutrients and water! The best way to keep your lawn healthy is by maintaining consistent height across all areas of your yard.

Water pools on the lawn after it rains.

A lawn that is poorly watered or needs more water will hold onto puddles of extra moisture. This can cause lawn fungus to develop and even encourage lawn weeds to sprout up! Make sure you're watering your lawn correctly by applying slow, steady amounts of water across the lawn - not just at one area.

Pooling water in grass
Three bald patches in grass

There are bald patches throughout your lawn that need fixing.

A lawn that has bald patches is not only unattractive to look at, but also an indication it isn't healthy. Lawns need consistent ground contact in order for grass roots to grow deep and strong. If you have lawn weeds or your lawn needs fertilizing, these processes can be difficult on existing lawn growth (grass).

The lawn gets scorched in certain spots during hot weather and stays green everywhere else.

It's important to always water lawns during the heat of summer, even if it doesn't seem like they need it. Lawns can dry out quickly and die off in patches. If you notice green lawn spots with dead lawn surrounding them, this is a sign your lawn needs more water!

Dry brown grass mixed with green grass

In summary, lawns need maintenance to stay healthy and lawn care companies are more than happy to help you get the lawn of your dreams. Keeping your lawn healthy is easy with some regular mowing, fertilizing, watering and weed control, so get a quote today!

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